In the process of making my own Internet radio with a Raspberry Pi, I struggled with mpd (the player I’m using on the Pi to read the streams) to display, via its mpc client, the custom names I wanted to set for each station. mpd was fine displaying tags broadcasted by the stream (artist, track, etc. when available) but no way to set “static” names for the stations.

Moreover, mpd doesn’t handle ExtM3U tags very well. As replied by the maintainer I contacted, it merges the ExtM3U tags with received tags from the stream. I tried several days to modify the source code to not merge the tags, but not being a C++ developper and not wanting to spend too much time on that, I found a better solution.

TL;DR The solution is to append your custom station name to the stream URL, and then to extract it.

In your .m3u file: http://mystreamurl/;?station_name=MY_STATION_NAME

In your radio script (Python in my case), get the currently playing URL with mpc -f %file% current and then extract the station name with a regex.

#!/usr/bin/env python

station_url = subprocess.check_output("mpc -f %file% current", stderr=subprocess.STDOUT, shell=True)
# http://mystreamurl/;?station_name=MY_STATION_NAME

result = findall(r'\?station_name=(.*)', station_url)

print(result[0].replace('_', ' '))

Note: if your stream URL has nothing after the host name, e.g. http://mystreamurl:8080 or http://mystreamurl, you must add a ; before the query parameter ?station_name=X as I did it in the example. Else, you can omit it.

Then do whatever you planned to do with it! I use it to display it on a LCD. You don’t even need ExtM3U with this, simple M3U playlists will work.

Feel free to ask questions or suggest modifications!