TealCrowd : main features

(see the TealCrowd project presentation)

These are the feature which will be available in the 0.1 version of TealCrowd.

I found a motto that fits the project : NO BULLSHIT (commonly designs something made with real passion, and no hidden stuff that makes you hate the project once signed up). You’ve probably seen this on other websites. I just join this movement.

That said, let’s dive into it.

For this version, everyone will be able to :

  • Sign-up as a producer, a performer, or both.
  • Add their favourite music genres, used to suggest content.
  • Upvote, downvote, favourite a track or a demo (used too).
  • Follow an user and be notified of its work.
  • Upload tracks, and be notified of demos recorded on it.
  • Record a demo, and save it or discard it.
  • Discuss with other members.

And maybe a comment system, but I’m not certain of its utility, at least in the first version.

The main bound between entities (the users, tracks, and demo) will be a tag-system. It allows large possibilities to identify everything and can also be submitted by the users, like on SoundCloud. Moreover, it can be followed. Few key-tags will be fixed to identify musical genres and other will be of your imagination and mood.

SoundCloud tags

SoundCloud tag system makes a right genre classification while also allowing user’s own tags

Therefore, one of the most important page will be the search engine. It is the solution — or, at least, the tool which will lead to it — to the problem TealCrowd is being created: finding the person that is missing to your musical project. The other most important page will be the dashboard. It’s the place where everything keeps you up to date via notifications, but it’s also where you establish the first contact with the people your meet on the site. By default, it will show you something you may like, based on what you liked already.

SoundBetter search page

SoundBetter search page is very clear with that big input you can’t miss, yet advanced with the sidebar controls

On one of the forum where I shared the idea of TealCrowd, a member raised the question of the regulation : how to avoid spam and keep a high-quality work on the site? The reputation system seems pretty appriopriated, used with up and downvoting. If you never had the occasion, take a look at one of the StackExchange sites. Their system is well conducted. It consists in rewarding community users that contribute with quality work, and to avoid non-interesting content and/or spam.

StackExchange karma system

The StackOverflow reputation (or karma) system, based on upvotes, downvotes, and many other actions on the site. See also the favourite function and tag-system. This site is definetely an inspiration for the “community” part of TealCrowd.


  • Easy communication between users
  • Reputation system
  • Tag system to identify tracks, recordings, users…
  • Big fat & clever search engine (linked with the tags)
  • Suggestion engine
  • Usable by a kid, yet advanced

Next step : detailing how modules will work (tracks, recordings, reputation system, tags, listening/recording widget, etc).

What do you think of TealCrowd so far ?

TealCrowd : a place where producers and performers find each other.

I make some hip-hop in my free time, and I wondered how to find a decent MC to rap on my instrumentals. I don’t personally know any MCs, neither someone who could know one in the style I was looking for. I was thinking : “there must be something on the Internetz to find MCs in Paris”. I searched for a while, but nothing seemed as good as the website I had in my mind : something only music-related (not a general meeting site), dedicated to producers and performers.

After all, if it doesn’t exist, why not making it? Here I am, thinking about this first version of the – codename – TealCrowd project.

Y’all ready ?

YOU ARE A PRODUCER (beatmaker?)

  • Upload your tracks, instrumentals, snippets, loops, on which a performer can sing/rap on.
  • Browse finely-tagged performers and find the voice and/or flow you are looking for.

Pretty basic for the moment, isn’t it? Wait. The fat stuff is coming.


  • Upload your previous work with producers, what identifies you as a performer, and what you want the producers to hear from you on the site.
  • Browse instrumentals, snippets… whatever a producer has uploaded, and instantly record a quick demo, with your laptop or mobile microphone, by clicking a simple record button. You liked your performance? Just save it and the producer will be notified of your demo and will be able to hear it. Didn’t like it? Just dismiss this demo and try again!

The producer liked your demo? Well, you’ve got your contact, dude! Take your phone and call each other, because real work can now begin between you two motivated artists.

Let's make music.

Let’s make music.

I came across few french and english forums ([en] MPC-Forums (need to register), IllMusik (here too), FutureProducers, Stones Throw, [fr] Beatmaker Nation, Rap-Battle) and the project was welcomed with hearthwarming messages, full support and great ideas! Short surveys showed me that 67 people on the 70 who filled it out were ready to use this service. What a good news.

An important note : it will be free, and there will always be a decent free usage of this service. But storing music files take a lot of space. And storage costs money. Therefore, I will have to think about how to make it work for everybody. But don’t worry : I hate ads, and will never impose it to the users, ever.

That’s it. I will make the updates on this blog under the tealcrowd tag.

And please, feel free to post your comments, your ideas, etc. Even if it’s to tell me that this already exists. You can also email me if you want to be a part of the project, one way or another.

Next step : building a small team of passionate people, thinking about the user interface, the user experience, and some technical stuffs.